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Sep 29, 2018

Walk-Through Metal Detector Screenings at ALL Boise State Basketball Games


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Boise State University Athletics and Taco Bell Arena have one priority:

 Keeping our students, athletes and fans safe.

To accomplish this goal, Taco Bell Arena is upgrading its security measures to keep pace with evolving best practices for large crowds at venues around the country and to comply with Idaho law, which prohibits anyone from carrying firearms into Taco Bell Arena.



All guests entering Taco Bell Arena for Boise State University Men’s AND Women's Basketball will be subject to a metal-detector screening, visual inspection, and bag inspection conducted by security personnel.



Screening areas will be placed at all open entrances of Taco Bell Arena, where fans will be screened prior to entry, bags will be searched and fans will be required to empty their pockets and pass through the walk-through metal detector. If the detector alerts, that guest will go through a secondary screening process. In most cases, the fan will be moved along without delay.

Patrons with mobility limitations and medical concerns (such as insulin pumps and pacemakers) will be accommodated and screened utilizing the Accessibility Lane, where they will be individually screened by the Entry Supervisor.

Prohibited items include anything that Taco Bell Arena deems a threat to public safety and include, but are not limited to:

  • Large bags greater than 14”x14”x6” and/or backpacks
  • Weapons of any kind or items that could be used as a weapon (Leatherman, knives, brass knuckles, metal chains, sharp metal objects, pepper sprays, bullets, etc.)
  • Fireworks / Pyrotechnics of any kind, noise-makers
  • Laser pointers, glow sticks or flash bulbs
  • iPads, Google Glass, Selfie-sticks, Laptops, Drones, Video/Audio Recorders, Professional Cameras with a detachable lens OR lens greater than or equal to 4”
  • Outside food & beverage (cans, bottles, coolers, alcohol, etc.)
    • For exceptions such as medications, diaper bags/formula, etc. please see staff
  • Any and all items/controlled substances that are illegal at the city, county, State and/or Federal level or deemed suspicious due to quantity or uniqueness



  • Arrive early!
  • Limit the number of items you have with you & leave bags at home
  • Have your cell phone and keys in hand (as well as small, non-professional cameras and binoculars, if applicable)
  • Remove any hat that you are wearing
  • Keep loose items to a minimum (coins, etc.)
  • Umbrellas are permitted for basketball games, but must remain closed once in the venue
  • Please note: shoes, wallets, jewelry, belts and jackets DO NOT need to be removed

Fans will be asked to take prohibited items back to their vehicle, or, dispose of such items at the entrance in the provided receptacles. Items left at entrances will be discarded. Re-entry is prohibited.


Event-goers are encouraged to maintain a heightened sense of awareness and communicate concerns of any person or item that seems out of place.

  • If You See Something, Say Something™.  Arena staff are available throughout the venue at all times, and are able to escalate a concern to the proper teams when appropriate
  • If you are not able to approach a staff member,
    Send a Text: “ [ARENA] [THE ISSUE] [YOUR LOCATION] ” to 69050
  • You can also call the Taco Bell Arena Command Center during any event at (208)​ ​426-3427
  • For all emergencies, dial 9-1-1


We appreciate all of our guests’ acceptance and understanding of the necessary measures to ensure that all who come through our doors have a positive, safe, secure, and memorable experience.


For more information about Arena safety and guest services, please visit: