A to Z Guide | Classes at ExtraMile Arena

ExtraMile Arena is committed to providing a safe, comfortable and enjoyable classroom experience for incoming students and faculty.

Being familiar with this information ensures that our guests are aware of the services and resources that we provide, classroom conduct expectations and Arena policies.


FIRST - To Do's Before Classes Start

To ensure your first day of classes goes as smoothly as possible, please review the below action items:

  • Access Your Assigned Seat Location
    Our classroom environments require assigned seating to ensure proper distancing. Please review theses steps to access your assigned seat location in advance.
  • WiFi
    Ensure that you are able to access and sign-in to the Boise State Campus' "Eduroam" WiFi network. Instructions can be found here.
  • How to Access Classroom Audio:

    (1) Connect to the EduRoam WiFi Network - instructions here if needed
    (2) Download Zoom via if using a laptop or simply search your app store for "Zoom" and install the app for mobile devices.
    (3) The zoom link for your class section will be available in your class' Blackboard site
    (4) Open that link with the Zoom App open as well
    (5) This link will allow you to access the audio as well as use the chat feature for questions during class
    (6) Make sure your ear buds, headphones or other hearing device is connected to your laptop or phone - that's it!

  • Put a pair of headphones, ear buds or pods into your backpack: You will need a form of earbuds or headphones that work with your cell phone to access the audio.
  • Charge your cellphone
    Please ensure your phone is charged so that you have enough power to access the instruction audio component.
  • Bring Your Bronco Card
    If you do not yet have a Bronco Card, or need to access one via your phone, follow Boise State's instructions here.
  • Special Acommodations
    If you need an additional accommodation such as a different chair, a writing surface, etc. please communicate that in advance to [email protected]. You will be contacted directly by one of our staff who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you.


From Boise State University's Coronavirus Response | Return To Campus page:

"..we have to pay close attention to our own symptoms. Absences will be expected and excused. We will be flexible with you as you get caught up."

Accessibility Resources

Seating for students with accessible needs and wheelchairs is available on the floor level of each classoom as well as in sections P6 and P7 for Classroom 2. Our Box Office staff are able to assist all students in need of an accommodation; please contact our Box Office in advance to make an accommodation arrangement: [email protected].

Accessible parking is available in the West and East Stadium Lots. Accessible spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis so please plan accordingly. Please refer to Boise State Parking & Transportation for full information regarding accessible parking options on campus.

Assisted Listening Devices are available to be checked out inside lobby 2 once you enter the facility. These devices will be connected to the audio stream for each classroom.

Other Accommodations:
If you need an additional accommodation such as a different chair, a writing surface, etc. please communicate that in advance to [email protected]. You will be contacted directly by one of our staff who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you.

If you arrive on site and determine an accommodation is necessary, please notify a Guest Services team member.

Boise State Resources:
Educational Access Center: Academic accommodations for students who have temporary or permanent disabilities: [email protected] or (208) 426-1583

Accessing In-Class Materials

Instructors will be presenting course materials from a podium with the use of large digital screens on either side. Audio for classroom instruction will be accessed via the WiFi system in the Arena, and instructions on how to access WiFi and Audio are detailed here.

Attendance Verification and Contact Tracing Application

Complete instructions on Attendance Verification and Contact Tracing Application can be found here.

Audio for Classroom Instruction

Complete instructions on how to access audio with the use of the Zoom App can be found here.


If you need an accommodation such as an assisted listening device, please contact [email protected] or notify a Guest Services member in the lobby. Assisted Listening Devices are available for checkout in lobby 2.



Bronco Card

You will need your Bronco Card to access the venue for classes. Bronco Cards can be issued via the Boise State Info Desk in the Student Union Building. If you would like to access your Bronco Card via your phone, please follow Boise State's instructions found here.

Cell Phone Etiquette

Please put all cell phones on silent and refrain from cell phone use that causes disruption for fellow students. As a courtesy for those around you, please exit to a concourse to use your phone, if necessary, during course instruction.

Class Schedule

Visit our Class Schedule for the complete list of courses being held at ExtraMile Arena.


In the event of a change, ExtraMile Arena will publish that information on the Classroom Schedule website page, and the Registrar’s Office would be communicating that change directly.

Classroom Conduct

Facial Coverings:

Facial coverings are required of everyone on the Boise State Campus. If you do not have a facial covering, please see one of the ExtraMile Arena staff upon arriving at the venue. Boise State Facilities have disposable masks for students to use in the event you do not have your own. In the event a student refuses to wear a mask during course instruction, the instructor will give one warning and ask that the student put their facial covering on; in the event the student does not, the instructor will dismiss class and that student will be reported for misconduct. If repeated, that student will be administratively removed from the course.


Full Information from Boise State University


Food and Beverage:

The consumption of food and drink are not permitted during class time. This is in an effort to ensure that facial coverings are being used at all times. While you can bring it into the building and with you to your class, any food and drink will need to remain in your backpack.


Social Distancing:

Maintaining a distance of 6 feet between yourself and others is necessary at all times. Please avoid lingering after classes so that our team has the appropriate amount of time to disinfect the seating and public areas prior to the start of the next class.


Trash and Recycling:

Please take out with you or intentionally dispose of any trash in the appropriate receptacles on the concourses.


Please review our full list of prohibited itemsNOTE, backpacks are allowed for classroom instruction

Classroom Map

View Classroom and Entrance Maps to help familiarize yourself with where to enter and exit for your class.

Cleaning Protocol

We are equipped with hand sanitizing stations with sanitizing wipes for guests to use on the Parquet and Mezzanine concourses. Comprehensive educational signage has also been installed to remind guests of best practices. 


Additionally, our Housekeeping staff are regularly disinfecting high traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces, adhering to protocol that either meet or exceed the CDC Guidelines. Touchless fixtures have been installed in all restroom facilities. Please review the Our Response to COVID-19 page. Our staff takes great pride in the cleanliness of our facility, and strives to ensure that the highest level of cleanliness and sanitation is consistenly maintained.


Please visit our Directions & Parking page.

Elevator Access

An elevator is available at Entrance 2 that access all public levels of the facility needed for classroom instruction.

PLEASE NOTE: to ensure a safe and efficient ingress for classes, elevator use is limited to those with accessibility needs. Signs and instructions regarding maximum occupancy and physical distancing for those in line will be posted at each elevator.

Should you require special assistance in reaching your seat, please contact [email protected] in advance or see any Guest Services staff member once on-site.

Entry/Exit of Venue and Classroom

There is one defined classroom at ExtraMile Arena.

  • For Classroom 2, students will Enter at Entrance 2 (adjacent to Stadium Parking Lot) & Exit after class through Entrance 3 (staff will guide you)

Facial Coverings

Facial coverings are required for admission into ExtraMile Arena for course instruction, and are to be worn for the duration of the class.

From Boise State University's COVID Response:

Facial coverings will be worn by all students, staff and faculty while indoors, and outdoors when physical distancing cannot be achieved until medical and public health advisors indicate otherwise. Faculty may wear face shields while lecturing to assist students with hearing impairments. In cases where faculty and students cannot maintain appropriate physical distance from one another due to the nature of the coursework, both individuals will wear both face shields (or safety glasses) and facial coverings.

Food and Drink

The consumption of food and drink are not permitted during class time. This is in an effort to ensure that facial coverings are being used at all times. While you can bring it into the building and with you to your class, any food and drink will need to remain in your backpack.


Please review our full list of prohibited itemsNOTE, backpacks are allowed for classroom instruction

Items To Bring To Class

  • Please bring a facial covering, your necessary course materials, your charged cell phone and earbuds or headphones that work with your phone. Classroom audio will be administered via an app over the WiFi system, and as such headphones/earbuds will be necessary to hear the instruction material.
  • For full information from Boise State regarding 'Returning To The Classroom", please visit this page. Boise State's Reintegration Guide provides information on the new classroom environment, social distancing, facial coverings, how to approach a covid-related absense, and more.
  • For instructions on how to access the Eduroam Wifi network, visit this page.
  • For instructions on how to access audio, visit this page.

Lost & Found Policy

All Lost and Found items will be stored at our front desk for one week, and after that period of time they will be brought to Boise State Campus' Lost and Found at the Student Union Information Desk. 

  • ExtraMile Arena Front Desk:
    (208) 426-1900

  • Central Lost and Found – Student Union Information Desk
     1700 W. University Drive
     208-426-4636 / [email protected]

To ensure proper handling, all items will be bagged individually, tagged with a description and handled with gloves.


There is hourly paid parking available in front of Albertsons Stadium and to the left of Entrance 2. Students and guests can also park in a spot in the Stadium Parking lot and pay per hour via the parking kiosks. The lot will be available for those with an East Reserve Permit.


More Information from Parking & Transportation


A Note on Campus Shuttles, Parking Kiosks And Meters

Parking and Transportation Services will use its best efforts to increase shuttle services on high-use routes to ensure appropriate physical distancing is possible. Shuttles will be disinfected frequently and facial coverings will be required of drivers and passengers.


Staff will attempt to disinfect parking kiosks and meters with regularity, but members of the campus community should assume that these surfaces have not been disinfected and wash or sanitize their hands promptly after use.

Prohibited Items

Note: in contrast to events, backpacks and large purses are permitted for classroom instruction



QR Codes

Complete instructions on QR Codes can be found here.

Restroom Access

Restrooms are available for students' use on the Parquet and Mezzanine Concourses.

Our Housekeeping Staff are taking enhanced precautions to ensure that restrooms are being maintained as routinely as possible. Instructional signage on the importance of hand washing can be found in every restroom and plexiglass dividers have been installed in various areas to provide for additional spacing between guests. Please ensure you are practicing physical distancing if there is a line for the restroom; in the event of a long line, our staff can direct you to the next closest restroom.

Please visit the Our Response to COVID page to review our full list of protocol.

Seating Information

Assigned seating is required to ensure proper distancing as well as the safety of students and staff.

Please review our How To Access My Seat Guide to learn how to easily access your seating assignment. Your assigned seat will be yours for the entire semester.

Seat Surveys

Complete instructions on Seat Surveys can be found here.

Technology Tips

How to Access WiFi:
Students will be able to access WiFi via the Boise State Campus "Eduroam" network. Please visit this page for full information.

Download the Zoom App:
To access the audio associated with their classroom instruction, students will need to download the Zoom App for their laptop OR mobile phone. Please visit this page for full instructions.

Assisted Listening Devices:
If you need an assisted listening device, they will be available for check-out in lobby 2 as you enter. If a student forgets their headphones, they will be able to use one of the assisted listening devices to access the audio.

How to Submit Questions During Instruction:
Please review your courses' syllabus as each instructor has setup different systems for their students to use.

Trash and Recycling

Please take your trash with you when you leave or dispose of it in the appropriate trash and recycling receptacles on the concourses.

Our Housekeeping Staff are going to great lengths to ensure the highest cleanliness and sanitation standards are met in all areas of the facility. Please help us in that effort by personally disposing of your trash.