To ensure your first day of classes goes as smoothly as possible, please review the following tech tips to ensure you have access to WiFi and Audio for course instruction

  • WiFi 
    Students will be able to access WiFi via the Boise State Campus' "Eduroam" WiFi network. Students can sign-into the EduRoam network by using their "" credentials. Instructions can be found here.
  • Attendance Verification and Contact Tracing Application
  • Use of QR Codes or Seat Surveys:
  • To assist the University with attendance tracking and contact tracing in classrooms, students are required to provide location information for every class they attend class in person on campus via scanning a QR code and completing a web form or filling out a seating survey form.
  • The QR code for classes at ExtraMile Arena will be posted on the jumbotron. Once you scan the code with your phone, a website will ask you for information about your current seat location. Remember that in the Arena, you need to record the section, row AND seat number of your seat in order for the information to be valid.  Click Here for additional information on using QR codes.
  • If students are unable to scan QR codes, they will use the seating survey form.
  • How to Access Classroom Audio:
  • Connect to the EduRoam WiFi Network - instructions here if needed
  • Download Zoom via if using a laptop or simply search your app store for "Zoom" and install the app for mobile devices.
  • The zoom link for your class section will be available in your class' Blackboard site Open that link with the Zoom App open as well
  • This link will allow you to access the audio as well as use the chat feature for questions during class
  • Make sure your ear buds, headphones or other hearing device is connected to your laptop or phone - that's it!
  • Put a pair of headphones, ear buds or pods into your backpack
    You will need a form of earbuds or headphones that work with your cell phone to access the audio. If you do not have a form of ear bud or headphones, please see a Guest Services staff member in the lobby to check out an Assisted Listening Device from us.
    Charge your cellphone
  • Please ensure your phone is charged so that you have enough power to access the instruction audio component.
  • Special Accommodations
  • If you need an additional accommodation such as a different chair, a writing surface, etc. please communicate that in advance to [email protected]. You will be contacted directly by one of our staff who will be happy to make the necessary arrangements for you.