Booking Information for Promoters and Others Looking to Host an Event

Licensee Information Form

All parties interested in contracting use of the Arena are required to complete a Licensee Information Form. The Arena will not place holds for requested dates unless an approved application is on file. Submission of the licensee information form does not guarantee approval of the application.

Upon receipt of the completed license information form, Arena Management will review the application and make a determination as to whether the proposed use is approved. Approval of the application is based upon the following:

  • Feasibility and appropriate proposed use of the Arena
  • Availability of requested dates
  • Applicant’s financial solvency
  • Applicant’s previous event history and experience
  • Review of applicant’s event references and recommendations from other venues

ExtraMile Arena Booking & Scheduling Policy

The purpose of this scheduling policy is to establish priorities to maximize the usage and the self-funding operation of Boise State University’s ExtraMile Arena. The Arena will provide an on-campus venue for the successful operation of Division I athletic events, serve as an event space for University and community events, and provide a venue for revenue-producing entertainment events.

ExtraMile Arena management will balance the needs and desires of the Boise State University Athletic Department, other University departments, and community events with the economic impact of revenue-producing entertainment events for the Arena and Boise State University.

Arena management reserves the right to deny licensing or vendor requests from individuals, organizations, or businesses that would use Arena facilities to engage in activities deemed to be inconsistent with the values and goals of the Arena and University or that are considered to be fiscally or commercially impracticable.

1: Booking/Scheduling

1.1 Auxiliary Gym

As of July 2011, Athletics Administration assumes scheduling responsibility of the Auxiliary Gym.

1.2 Bump/Relocation

To permit scheduling of revenue-producing events at the Arena during the NCAA competitive season, the Auxiliary Gym should serve as the primary basketball practice location. On Arena (non-Athletic) event days, intercollegiate athletic activity is to be relocated outside of the Arena.

1.3 Waiting Period
Arena management may require a waiting period before and after a scheduled event that competes for the same audience and/or ticket buyers (concerts, ice shows, tractor-pulls, circuses, etc.). The waiting period will be established according to acceptable industry standards, depending on the event and genre. Furthermore, Arena management may, at its own discretion, limit the number of competing activities presented during any given period.

1.4 Event Deposit
Individuals, organizations, or businesses contracting events at the Arena may be required to pay a deposit to secure a requested date. Consideration will be given to the entity’s business history with the Arena and the financial profit generated from previous event activity, subject to Arena Executive Director’s discretion. 

1.5 Licensee Information Form
Individuals, organizations, or businesses interested in contracting events at the Arena are required to complete and submit a Licensee Information Form, which is available for download at Completion and submission of the Licensee Information Form does not constitute an agreement to hold dates or events at the Arena. Contact the Arena Booking & Scheduling Assistant Director for a description of the hold, challenge, and contracting process.

1.6 Hold Status
In the process of scheduling dates, the following terms and definitions shall apply to scheduling commitments:

  • Request for Hold– Holds pending review of Licensee Information Form (Article 1.5), Athletic holds placed without a named opponent, Third Priority events scheduled in advance of 90 days prior to the event date, and at the discretion of the Arena Executive Director.

Athletic holds placed without a named opponent will be granted Request for Hold status. Upon confirmation of opponent and date, the hold status will be elevated to a First Hold.

  • First Hold – Holds pending confirmation of date and negotiation of terms, and at the discretion of the Arena Executive Director.
  • Second Hold – Holds pending release of the first-hold dates. In the event the first-hold dates are released, second-hold dates are elevated to first status.
  • Confirmed – Dates are confirmed upon agreement of terms and execution of a final contract, and at the discretion of the Arena Executive Director.

2: Scheduling Priority

2.1 First Priority

  • Boise State University Spring and Winter Commencements, Bronco Day, Convocation and Move-In Day
  • Boise State University Athletics Football (held in Albertsons Stadium) and Men's and Women's NCAA Conference Basketball Games
  • Revenue-Producing Entertainment Events (particularly ticketed events)

During the NCAA season, the primary location for team basketball practices will be in the Auxiliary Gym. Every effort will be made to make the arena available for basketball practice the day immediately before regular and post-season games. When possible, Arena management will also make the main arena available for practice on days which do not occur immediately before an intercollegiate regular or post-season game. NCAA and conference-sanctioned, tournament practice days are considered event days.

Revenue-producing, entertainment Arena events will have priority over all practice times, including days immediately prior to game days. During the NCAA competitive season, Arena management will make basketball the default arena setup when multiple non-event days are available leading up to a confirmed intercollegiate game, subject to Athletics covering the expense of the basketball conversion.

Visiting teams scheduled to compete against Boise State University teams may utilize the arena floor, when available, for practice. Scheduled repair, maintenance, and cleaning, as well as Arena events shall have priority over visiting-team practices on non-competition days. In the event that the arena is not available for visiting-team practice, the athletic department will allot time for the visiting team in the Auxiliary Gym. The arena will be available for home and visiting team practices on competition days.

Facility and space commitments for first-priority events and activities may be made as far in advance as is necessary or appropriate and may supersede requests by second-priority events and activities that are scheduled more than three months (90 days) from the event date. Arena management reserves the right to block out dates to allow sufficient time to schedule first-priority events.

2.2 Second Priority

  • Revenue-Producing University Events (Men’s and Women’s Basketball Non-Conference games; NCAA sanctioned Gymnastics, Volleyball and Wrestling events; Student Development Activities such as Homecoming and Spring Fling concerts, etc)
  • High School Graduations

The second priority for scheduling is to make dates available to Boise State Athletics Non-Conference Games, University departments to promote revenue-producing events, followed by High School Graduations for local school districts. Facility and date-scheduling commitments for second-priority events are subject to change to accommodate first-priority events unless they are specifically granted confirmed status by Arena management.

2.3 Third Priority

  • Flat-Rent Shows: Tradeshows, Expositions, Consumer or Public Exhibitions, Community Events (including School District Events)
  • Non-Revenue Producing University Events (including student development events)
  • Boise State Athletics Team Summer Camps
  • Banquets, Meetings, and Educational Forums

The third priority for scheduling is to make dates available for consumer or public exhibitions, community events, tradeshows, speaking engagements, special events, banquets and meetings that use the entire arena, dances, and other activities.

Arena management will endeavor to provide up to 12 days total for Men’s and Women’s Summer Basketball Athletic Camps each year, subject to third priority scheduling status and execution of a license agreement and payment of applicable deposits, fees and expenses.

Third-priority events and activities for which dates are requested more than three months (90 days) in advance of the actual event date are subject to change to accommodate first-priority and second-priority events. Confirmation of holds and contracts for third-priority events will not be issued more than three months (90 days) in advance of the date(s) of the event.

2.4 Fourth Priority
The fourth priority for scheduling is to make dates available for events or meetings that only use the Arena’s Club Room, Blue Room, Green Room, Lobbies, or Locker Rooms, or other activities using the arena that are not listed in the above priorities. Upon permission from the Executive Director, fourth-priority events may be granted access to open times not occupied by first, second, and third-priority events and may be bumped at any time in favor of a first, second, or third-priority event.

3: Non-Profit Organizations

A non-profit organization must provide verifiable documentation of non-profit tax status in accordance with Section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the United States Internal Revenue Code to be eligible for current Arena non-profit rates. Non-profit organizations that are granted usage of the Arena are responsible for all costs related to the event.

Holds for events granted at non-profit rates will not be confirmed, nor will contracts be issued, more than 90 days from the event date.