Available Rooms & Areas

Main Arena Floor

  • 17,472 sq. ft. – 156’ L x 112’ W
  • 10,228.25 sq. ft. – 125.5’ L x 81.5’ W (with the retractable seats in use)

Blue Room

The Blue Room can be divided in half with a floor-to-ceiling folding air wall partition, making two 30’ x 30’ foot rooms. Typically this space is used for a catering/dining area, reception room, media workroom, or artist autograph sessions.

  • 1,800 sq. ft. – 60’ L x 30’ W

Green Room

The Green Room is a VIP lounge directly adjacent to the performer dressing room area. This room may also be used as a performer dressing room. Extra amenities include furniture, cable television with VCR, drop-down projector screen, mini bar and adjoining restrooms. The press is encouraged to use the Green Room for private interviews.

  • 624 sq. ft. – 24’ L x 26’ W​

Club Room

The Club Room is a private atmosphere with restricted access points from either the building exterior or interior and is available for pre-event and post-event gatherings. Adjacent to the kitchen, the Club Room can accommodate groups with catering and bar service. Use of the Club Room is based on advanced reservation and is not included with the licensing of the Arena without special arrangement.

  • 1000 sq. ft. – 40’ L x 30’ W

Production Office (2)

Two production offices are located near the performer dressing room area to accommodate tour managers and performers.

  • 70 sq. ft. each – 10’ L x 7’

Dressing Rooms (3)

There are three dressing rooms, each with shower, restroom, and wardrobe. Dressing room #2 also equipped with a bathtub.

Locker Rooms (6)

Each locker room has shower and restroom facilities.

Meeting Rooms

Five multi-purpose rooms:

  • Blue Room
  • Club Room
  • Green Room
  • Conference Room Annex
  • Covered Patio

Control Room

The Control Room for lighting, sound, and video is on the northeast side of the Arena (Level Two, Section 41). House lights are operated from this location for most events.

Additional Facility Information

Curtaining System Capabilities

New flexible 360 Upper Deck Masking system for both 2nd and 3rd seating levels, providing the capability for individual seating sections to be opened/closed within each level and allowing an intimate setting for shows of any size.  New floor to ceiling House Curtain package behind the stage, including side-stage masking running wall to wall, with adaptable rigging components so this system can also be utilized as a House Reduction Curtain.  Configurations are customized for sold out plays.  Stage and production elements truly "pop" from being entirely framed out by black curtaining.


Power sources in ExtraMile Arena include:

  • 2 – 400 Amp 3 Phase (approx. 25’ from USC-end-stage, CAM-LOK)
  • 1 – 200 Amp 3 Phase (approx. 25’ from USC-end-stage, CAM-LOK)
  • 1 – 800 Amp 3 Phase (approx. 100’ from end-stage configuration)
  • A show power service station is available for a maximum of four buses

All electronic wiring, ropes and cables that cannot be placed overhead must be covered and marked as a trip hazard.


The Arena maintains a fully automated, emergency backup generator in the event of a power outage. The generator provides power to handle Arena life-safety equipment and the basic functions of the public address system.

Lighting Systems

Two Arena lighting systems can be used independently or jointly. Fifty-two metal-halide fixtures provide coverage suitable for color network broadcast of activities on the Arena Floor. There is also dimmer controlled incandescent lighting over the Arena Floor, Level One, Level Two, and Level Three seating areas and exposed hallways. Theatrical lighting resources include a 32-channel ETC control console, 96 Berkely Colortran 6KW dimmers, 12 – 1000 watt PAR fixtures, 4 ellipsoidal fixtures, and 8 Cyc fixtures.

Loading Area

Accessible from the East parking lot, the Arena Floor and loading bays are at street level. The Arena has two direct back-in bays, providing sheltered workspace and a secure holding area. Trucks can also back up to the stage one at a time, or line up in the parking lot and load eight at once! Tour trucks and buses park directly outside the loading bay and holding area. Shore power service station is available for a maximum of four buses. The exterior freight door is 14’x 13’.

Production Equipment

  • Stage curtains, rope and stanchion
  • Truck Ramp and 10,000 lbs. capacity hydraulic loading dock
  • 5,000 lbs. fork lift, with a 14’6” mast
  • 26’ Genie personnel lift


Pyrotechnics require appropriate notice and documentation, including a Certificate of Insurance and show script with technical specifications. ExtraMile Arena will coordinate all processing of permits, fees, tests, and pre-event demonstrations, as required by the Fire Marshall. Pyrotechnics must be licensed in advance and coordinated by the Arena Production Staff.


Fifteen fixed batten line-sets (motorized winch) with 4,000 lb. load capacity and 10 line-sets with 2,000 lb. load capacity and anchor points every 20’ on square, in the Arena Floor to accommodate circus rigging. The Arena roof structure is exposed steel beam trusses, 72’ in elevation and level in relation to the Arena Floor. Parallel wide flange I-beams run perpendicular to each truss section on 3’-12’ centers, with perpendicular I-beams installed every 10’ between the spans and diagonal cross-bracing for structural support. Maximum load capacity has been approved by a structural engineer for capacities exceeding 170,000lbs. (including snow load). An extensive catwalk system and fall protection provide complete access. The stage can be located anywhere on the Arena Floor.


Translux basketball scoreboards are mounted in each corner of the Arena with scoring, timekeeping, and player statistic displays. Auxiliary scoreboards are located on Level Two, directly behind the goal at each end of the basketball court. The Arena also uses Fair-Play Shot Clocks with game time display.

Show Vehicle Parking

All show and production parking will be advanced with ExtraMile Arena production. A lot is available adjacent to the loading bay and the back gate.

Sound System

Two sound systems are available, depending upon the Arena configuration. Both are permanently suspended from the Arena roof structure but can be raised or lowered with motorized winches. The Altec Lansing loudspeaker cluster is located over the end-stage area and consists of 24 high/mid frequency and 10 low-frequency speakers. The Panasonic Ramsa loudspeaker cluster is located in the center of the Arena and consists of 20 high/mid frequency and 12 low-frequency speakers. Both systems have adjustments for zones, equalization and digital delay and can be used with the perimeter speakers in public hallways and concession areas. These systems are generally used for sporting events.

Additional sound equipment includes several microphones, FM receiver, cassette tape decks, CD players, etc. Two 16 input mixing consoles, Soundcraft Delta 200, Mackie 1604 VLZ Pro with a portable system are the in-house sound boards.


  • Six 1.6 KW Xenon Super Troupers
  • Eight follow spot locations (four corners, four sides) provide 360° coverage, at 65’ elevation
  • Spot bays are isolated from the public
  • In-house intercom system (Clear-Com) to production areas, or hard-wired “dry” lines are available


  • Wenger Showmaster portable staging, with 30”- 60” height adjustment
  • Complete flexibility to accommodate various sizes and configurations through the use of 4’ x 8’ platforms 
  • Maximum stage size is approximately 60’ x 40’ (96 units)
  • Wenger 4’ x 8’ riser platforms at 16” or 24” height (12 units)
  • Two sets of stairs, skirting, and barricade available


Stagehands are in-house (non-union) and/or established union contractors, depending upon requirements.

Video Display System

Installed beneath the center hung sound system is a custom, four-sided video display board. The distance from the floor to the bottom of the video display system is 47’, of 57’ if it is partially removed. Proxima Pro AV 9350 projectors with specially designed 6’ x 8’ screens provide crisp and vivid images, with a video feed to concourse monitors at concession stands. No “front-end” video production available; the video display system can support a direct feed only. Videocassette recorder (VHS) and digital video disc (DVD) player are available.