As a public facility, the management of ExtraMile Arena is responsive to making available the use of space for appropriate purposes. Within this framework is the responsibility to manage the ExtraMile Arena in such a way that will assure a level of financial self-support and the maintenance and integrity of the facility, its business and its reputation. ExtraMile Arena has a proprietary interest in the success of the various promotions held in the ExtraMile Arena. Such interest is based at least in part upon:

  1. The total gross as it affects the rent charged for the event
  2. The development of repeat shows with the promoter
  3. Reputation of the ExtraMile Arena as a place of quality entertainment
  4. The ability of the promoter to remain financially solvent

The areas of experience or ability generally required of new promoters are as follows:

  1. To be able to successfully negotiate favorable contracts with artist’s management and to show evidence of a strong working agreement with the performing group
  2. To be able to select performing groups that are suitable and who together will present an acceptable program as related to style, quality, and duration
  3. To be able to develop and maintain a comprehensive show budget
  4. To have experience with promoting a comparable event in a venue similar to ExtraMile Arena with crowd control and safety regulations and applicable event procedures similar to size, nature, and scale of ExtraMile Arena
  5. To have experience and ability in box office procedures, e.g. ticket accounting, ticket selling, labor requirements, scaling the house and in settling of final statements
  6. To be able to establish a workable rapport with varying types of crowds and groups
  7. To be able to deal effectively with production support services such as lighting, sound, and staging
  8. To be able to successfully promote and give publicity to events being presented
  9. To be able to organize the above into a smooth running public presentation that is pleasing to the audience and profitable to the promoter and to the house
  10. To have, through available resources, the ability to maintain solvency